Inspired by Rhodes

Handcrafted piece by piece, pebble mosaic floors, depicting floral and mythical scenes, first appeared in the Greek world at the late 5th century, in public buildings and private houses in Rhodes. The source of inspiration for designs with decorative and symbolic issues, comes from ancient Greece and the Byzantium, as the meander, the vines, the double-headed eagle, the daily life with designs of birds, animals, flowers, anchors, boats, dolphins, stars and finally the folk tradition with mermaids, dragons, etc.Today, they still form part of the island’s magic! The tradition continues and the interior or exterior decoration with pebble mosaics mingle with modern techniques. The pebbled floors are now stuck in a net ready for immediate placement, in specific ready-made designs and in customized designs, providing accuracy in appearance and utilization of any dimension. The idea is ancient and timeless at the same time, offering a special effect through a blend of tradition with modern aesthetics.